While on a hometown trip, Brittany Mahomes shares adorable moments with Bronze and Sterling amid Patrick Mahomes’ offseason grind

Off to some vacation this offseason! Patrick Mahomes, on one hand, is preparing for his fourth Super Bowl victory, hitting the gym hard during the offseason.

While on the other hand, his wife, Brittany Mahomes, took some time off for a trip to her hometown. And she indeed had a quality time with her two kids.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s wife, Brittany, documented her trip day on her Instagram stories. The mother and her two kids, Sterling and Bronze, hopped on a private plane to visit Mahomes’ couple’s hometown, Whitehouse City Park, Texas. In one of the stories, Brittany could be seen playing with the one-year-old, who erupted into a huge and cute laughter during their playtime.

She shared this story with a caption, saying, “If you need a good laugh… Sound on,” with a laughing emoji. In another story shared by the mom of two, Sterling could be seen walking backwards in a game court, as part of her playful antics, with her mother cheering for her off-camera. Additionally, the former soccer player asked her daughter to show her how to skip. And the three-year-old, donning a cute little white frock, in return, jumped and skipped for her momma.

In earlier stories, Brittany revealed the purpose of her and kids off to the hometown trip. As per the reports, they are visiting the place for a family event, as Brittany shared a caption earlier, “Went to mama’s old stomping grounds today to celebrate her cousin.” Although the exact event is not yet known, it’s clear that mother and 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren are having a great time.

Meanwhile, it seems Patrick Mahomes couldn’t make it to the vacation, due to his offseason grind.

Patrick Mahomes is back to his routine!

After the challenging 2023 season overall, as well as, winning the Super Bowl LVIII, Patrick Mahomes is back to his basics. After spending some quality time with his family, including poolside Easter party, Sterling’s big day, family vacations, and more, he now teased his fans with his hard workouts videos on his IG post.

To build his explosive power, the three-time Super Bowl winner, is doing some med ball exercises, standard lifts, shot put throws, weighted hip thrusts, front foot elevated split squats, cable push pulls, 3-position isometric pullups, resistance band sprinting, and overcoming isometric deadlifts.

As there are still some months left for the 2024 NFL season grind, it seems Mahomes doesn’t want to lose any opportunity to etch his name in the greatest quarterbacks list of all-time.

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