(PHOTOS): Brittany, the wife of Patrick Mahomes, and Sterling have a great mother-daughter day

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have been enjoying quality time with their two 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren, Sterling and Bronze, during the offseason. On Saturday, the mom-of-two enjoyed a girls’ day with her daughter Sterling.

Brittany Mahomes documented the day on her Instagram story. The mother-daughter duo hopped on a private plane for the special day. In the photo, the three-year-old is sitting in her own seat on the plane while eating a croissant.

“Mama and Sterling Day”

Brittany Mahomes and her daughter, Sterling, spent an entire day together.

She then shared another photo and confirmed them being in Whitehouse City Park, Texas, the city where she and the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback both grew up. Brittany shared in the caption that they were back in Texas for a family event.

“Went to mama’s old stomping grounds today to celebrate her cousin.”

Another photo of Brittany and Sterling Mahomes’ girls day.

In the final photo of the day, Brittany Mahomes shared one last photo in which she called her daughter ‘perfect.’

The toddler wore a white top with purple and teal clam shells that created a smiley face. The shirt was paired with purple shorts and teal, heart-shaped sunglasses.

“The most perfect girl in the whole wide world.”

Brittany Mahomes’ final photo of her day with her daughter.

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes enjoy a poolside Easter celebration

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes are enjoying the last few weeks before offseason workouts begin for the Kansas City Chiefs.

On Easter, the family spent the holiday with extended family and chose a coordinating light blue look for the day. Brittany shared photos of her family’s day while wishing her Instagram followers a “Happy Easter” as well.

The Kansas City Current co-owner wore a light blue skirt with puffy sleeves. Patrick Mahomes wore a light blue polo shirt with white-washed jeans.

Their daughter, Sterling, wore a light blue plaid dress embellished with bows and had her name monogrammed on the front. Bronze wore the same plaid print in a one-piece outfit.

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