Days after Kylie Jenner breaks down in tears over trolls, her Sprint commercial is ridiculed.

Kylie Jenner shares “all she needs for a weekend” in her latest Sprinter ad campaign, and although the reality TV star is likely being tongue in cheek with her caption, critics can’t help but weigh in on Kylie once again.

Kylie Jenner's Sprinter advert mocked days after she breaks down crying over trolls

The Kardashians season 5 sees mom of two Kylie Jenner break down in tears over the criticism she receives online. Comments on her appearance range from constant “pregnancy” rumors to people cruelly comparing her looks to Michael Jackson. The mom and makeup mogul may be raking in more than most but it doesn’t mean she no longer has feelings. The lid is lifted on the reality of her world in the latest Hulu show season.

Kylie Jenner cries on The Kardashians sitting on couch

Kylie Jenner’s Sprinter ad

Taking to Instagram on May 27, Kylie shares two new snaps from her latest Sprinter drinks campaign.

The 26-year-old is seen sitting on some grass wearing a white vest dress with her hair in retro-style rollers.

With a super sunny backdrop, Kylie appears to be cooling off with the beverage brand as she holds one can of Sprinter and sits beside a case of many more cans.

Kylie Jenner is seen on March 21, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

As it seems Kylie is giving some kind of ‘sunkissed relaxation’ vibes in her snaps, fans are baffled by the latest Sprinter campaign.

One commented on IG: “What a meaningless photo.”

More also created a Reddit thread purely to discuss the advert.

Many said they didn’t understand the “art direction” of the campaign, writing: “This would’ve been 10x better by a pool with cute umbrellas etc. I don’t understand the art direction for her recent campaigns.”

More commented on how the businesswoman is “cosplaying poor.”

Kylie’s critics appear to be relentless as more comment: “This would hit 10x harder if instead of regular rollers her hair was done with sprinter cans and she was by the pool. Her photoshoots for her brands never get the vibe 100% down somehow.”

Another questioned the practicality of it all, writing: “I know this is so dumb to even comment on but I’m just imagining how long of an extension cord you need to plug that fan in.”

During The Kardashians season 5, Kylie is seen breaking down in tears over the criticism she receives online.

She asks her sister, Kendall Jenner: “Why is it okay in 2024 to talk about someone’s looks so much?”

Kylie adds: “I’ve never cried about this before but I guess it does affect me…”



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