Bodybuilder Douglas Fruchey dead at 36 after crediting sport with ‘saving his life’ – as devastated wife pays tribute

PRO bodybuilder Douglas Fruchey has died suddenly at the age of 36 his wife announced in a heartbreaking social media post.

The 300-pound athlete had a dedicated fanbase who admired the bodybuilder’s inspiring journey.

Pro athlete Douglas Fruchey has died at the age of 36Credit: Facebook/Douglas Fruchey

His wife, Carli Fruchey, confirmed his sudden death in an Instagram post on SaturdayCredit: Instagram/carlifruchey

In a podcast last year, Douglas spoke openly about his previous struggles with drug addiction and how he had overcome them through bodybuilding.

“Initially, bodybuilding saved my life,” he said on the podcast.

“It helped to stay in there and keep going.”

Douglas later said he was proud of his journey and felt that he was able to channel his “addictive personality” into an active lifestyle.

His wife, Carli Fruchey, confirmed his sudden death in an Instagram post on Saturday.

“Rest peacefully my sweet Moosey,” she wrote alongside several pictures of the two together.

“He will be missed by many. Such a phenomenal guy,” commented one social media user under the post.

“R.I.P Big D! You will be missed,” another echoed.

Douglas felt that although he would change a lot of things about his past, he tried not to dwell on that chapter of his life.

Instead, he tried to find the “beauty” in his journey.

In his professional career, the bodybuilder said he has learned from other disciplines as well.

A lot of his training relied on practices from other sports like yoga and wrestling.

He was last seen working out with Mike Hearn, another famous bodybuilder.

Some speculate that Fruchey might have been facing health challenges, as he was not as active on social media in the weeks leading up to his death.

His Instagram platform amassed over 140,000 followers where he shared inspirational quotes and motivational messages for all.

Using his platform as an influencer, Fruchey often encouraged others to make the most of their days.

“Today is the perfect day to choose a new path in life,” he posted on his Instagram.

“Don’t be afraid of changes, they come when they are really needed.”

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