Rick Ross invited David Beckham to experience the plane he is about to add to his collection

Rap superstar Rick Ross is known for his lavish lifestyle, and his latest acquisition is no exception. The “Rick Ross’” rapper recently invited soccer legend David Beckham for a private tour of the luxury private jet he is preparing to add to his collection.

“I wanted to give my friend Beck  a firsthand look at this beauty before I officially add it to the fleet,” Ross said. The two celebrities have been friends for years, bonding over their shared passions for business, philanthropy, and of course, a life of luxury.

Beckham was clearly impressed as he was given an exclusive walk-through of the stunning aircraft. The custom-designed Boeing 737 features a spacious and elegantly appointed cabin with plush leather seating, a private bedroom suite, a full-service galley, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems.

“This is an incredible piece of machinery,” remarked Beckham as he took in all the details. “Rick really knows how to travel in style.” The former England captain has his own vast collection of exotic cars and private jets, so he was able to appreciate the remarkable craftsmanship and amenities on display.

Ross purchased the jet from a Saudi prince for a reported $58 million. He plans to use it for both business and leisure, transporting his entourage in supreme comfort as he travels between tour stops, recording sessions, and his many business ventures.

“You know I love the best of the best,” Ross said with a grin. “This plane is just another example of how I’m constantly elevating my game and living life to the fullest.”

Beckham seemed to thoroughly enjoy his sneak preview, even jokingly asking if Ross would let him take the controls for a test flight. But for now, it appears the keys belong solely to the Boss himself as he prepares to add another stunning luxury asset to his empire.

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